EBM week 3

I had to rush like crazy to finish the 6th comic in time. This is why two characters are only shadows…
I hope you won’t mind and enjoy it even though :)

If you are on a phone and can’t see the comic, click here :

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13 thoughts on “EBM week 3

  1. Just so you know, you have some small errors you might wanna correct,

    In #6 the third panel, “I you mess up” should be “If you mess” with no up.

    Just thought I’d let you know ^_^

  2. Awesome strips! In my opinion, making the two characters shadows in comic N° 6 is better, as we only focus in Etho and Jeb. I’m loving this series. Keep them coming, please!!

  3. If you didn’t know, Etho AND PauseUnPause are both Canadian, and up in Canada, what the Americans call “Indians” are called Aboriginals. Indians are from India. You wouldn’t like it if some guy thought he was sailing to Japan, but accidentally found himself in the USA, so he just called the Americans the Japanese because that’s where he thought he was. The correct line should be: “Come on man, I know you’re aboriginal, but we’re in 2012!” On a semi-related note, the word is Inuits, not Eskimos. Eskimos means eaters of raw flesh.

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