EBM week 14

Finally !
Sorry for the delay, but here it is, EBM week 14 :)
I hope you won’t mind the lack of scenery on the second strip, drawing the arena would have taken me to much time :/
And now, I have a to respond to a lot of comments and mails !

See you next week bros !

If you are on a phone and can’t see the comic, click here :

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48 thoughts on “EBM week 14

  1. Maybe in the first comic; in the last slide, change “I touch a rate on tickets sold” to “I get a cut of the tickets sold” I don’t understand your sentence, never the less, awesome comics, as always, keep up the good work!

  2. I loved your second comic. But it’s true. This is the normal youtuber talking. “Hi guys, today we will be doing the survival games.” ten minutes later of massacering everybody in the game, “that’s all for today folks, bye!”

  3. You should probably get an editor or just someone to look at it to point out little grammar mistakes and such, great comic nevertheless

  4. These are the funniest comics I’ve ever read, and all of them so true and adorable!! Love them so much. Thanks for doing this!! And the one about Etho at the arena is hilarious, probably my favorite out of all of them. That characterizes Etho perfectly <3

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