EBM week 16


2 weeks without being late, hourray x)
Also, if you’re interested I finally put something on the “Who am I” page

See you next week bros :)

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EBM week 15


I’m not late, it’s a miracle :D (even if I still have to respond to reddit comments ^^)
Hope you enjoyed this week :)

By the way, good news, as from now I’m going to work with a translator, she will correct the mistakes and help me putting my ideas in english in a more efficient way. No more Anderz like in EBM :p

See you next week, keep being so nice :)

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EBM week 14


Finally !
Sorry for the delay, but here it is, EBM week 14 :)
I hope you won’t mind the lack of scenery on the second strip, drawing the arena would have taken me to much time :/
And now, I have a to respond to a lot of comments and mails !

See you next week bros !

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EBM week 13


EBM is back ! Tell your friends, tell your family, you can even tell your ostrich (because ostrich are great, yup)

I know it’s tuesday, not monday, and there is only one strip, but that f*cking shoulder of mine is going crazy again ^^’
Anyway, inspiration is back (even if I don’t think this strip is the best, but I have some pretty neat ideas for next week :D ), and I have some talky to do !

First of all, I would like to thank you, I received a lot of really nice comments last week and some good ideas, helped me a lot while going through this difficult phase. You’re awesome :)

And now, some of you asked me to talk about that “secret project” of mine, so here we go. It’s a website, all in french, so you can look if you want to, but I don’t think you’re going to understand a lot x)
It’s call Eternity Games (yes, english name for a french project, why not ? :p), and it’s about video games. News, test, video, live…we’re a 50 members team ready to please our readers !


I’m the lead designer and one of the seven boss of the project. I know it’s not the best design ever, but…it’s my very first one, so I’m happy about it ^^

Have a nice week, we’ll meet again next monday :)
See ya !

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Artistic breakdown…

Hi guys,
I’m not going to be able to post comics this week.
Not that I don’t have the time or anything like this, but…i don’t know, I just can’t. I can’t find funny ideas, I can’t find inspiration, I can’t draw…

Everything I tried to create for this week comics was garbage. And it’s pretty much the same on my others projects.
I think I need a little break, a few days maybe, in ordrer to clear my mind.

I’m sorry :( Keep being awesome, we’ll meet again next week with, I hope, ultra funny comics !


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EBM week 12


Hi guys, hope you’re alright !
I received a bunch of mails telling me that Etho said in a stream that he loves my comics. It’s really awesome, thanks to everyone who took time to let me know this :)
Anyway, we don’t see our favorite ninja that much in this week’s comics. Don’t worry, he’s fine, he’s just too busy eating some redstone :p
See ya next week !

P.S : there might be some mistakes in the second comic. Feel free to correct me if that’s the case, thanks ! (and sorry for my bad english !)

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EBM week 11


Same problem that last week, I’m still working of the secret project of mine and I barely had time to do the comics. I’m so tired, I don’t even know how I managed to finish them x)
But I really enjoy doing this and I love reading your comments (I still hope that Etho will comment one day :p) so I think it’s worth it :)

EDIT : OH MY ! I realize that I forgot to add Pause’body paintings…gnah…will do it tomorrow…must…sleep…first…

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EBM week 10


Not the best comics this week, I was really busy :/
I hope you will still like it, I already reserved all my week-end in order to work in good conditions for next comics :)

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EBM on wednesday this week

Hi guys, I’m sorry but EBM is put off until wednesday.
I’m currently working as a designer for a huge project (in french) with many people, a lot of things depends on me and I’m kinda late…
EBM. Wednesday. I will do everything I can for that ;)

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EBM week 9


Mindrack’s resistance against the bees just started !

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